CSR in Action 2012

CSR in Action, a project funded by Santander, is an opportunity for students to learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from businesses, and work with and develop a CSR plan for local community projects. Below are feedback comments received by the students who took part in the CSR in Action project 2012.

The CSR in Action Day in Kippax was truly rewarding. The most memorable aspect of this project was knowing that my participation really made a difference to the staff at the Growing Zone, and more importantly, future visitors of the Gardens that have never really had the opportunity to experience a strong sense of community. The fact that fellow students and Associates from Grant Thornton and Santander joined forces, demonstrated our shared vision in benefiting our local community. This truly made the Growing Zone project a success.” Letetia King

I think this was one of my favourite activities which I have participated in at Leeds University. This project meant a lot to me because my brother has learning difficulties and extreme disabilities and so I know what difference community centres like those in Holbeck make! The work was hard and I definitely struggled to get up the next morning, but it was worth it. The team was lovely and really made us feel involved even though at times I felt like a hindrance because I have no muscle! From this project I have looked into volunteering on a regular basis when I come back to Leeds in third year. If I could have changed anything about the day it would be the lack of communication with those in which the project was designed to help; we spoke to the adults with learning disabilities during a coffee break and I think i would really have liked to spend more time with them. I spent most of the day with Balfour Beatty and it was nice to speak to them. I also made a contact with Eversheds which led me to going down to their office on Saturday to take part in a ‘Big Deal’ event; the event at Eversheds has probably been the most helpful thing I have participated in regarding my future career and has alighted my passion for law once again. Without the CSR in Action scheme I would never have had such an amazing opportunity. Fingers crossed I’ll get a job at Eversheds someday and I will be able to come back to Leeds University to give future students the same experience that I had. Thank you for the opportunity.” Jodie Nevin

“I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day working with all the lovely volunteers at the Growing Zone. It was amazing to see the time and commitment that had been put into the project, the amazing results it had produced and, most important of all, how it plays an important and beneficial role in society for both adults and children with special needs. I was also able to meet some representatives from Santander and Grant Thorton and appreciate just how positive an impact CSR can have on society; this project is a success because of the likes of such businesses not only donating financially but also investing their time helping the project get underway. Without their help projects like this may not be possible due to lack of funding. It has been a
fantastic opportunity to take part in such a worthwhile cause that has no doubt allowed me to develop many skills whilst also being able to give something back to the community. Thank you” 
Iram Hasan

“I enjoyed the volunteering opportunity on Wednesday because it enabled me to see how helping out in the community is vital to society. Being a student at the University and living close to the city center means that I hardly get to see greater Leeds. This volunteering opportunity has enabled me to see greater Leeds and do some good for the community. I enjoyed gardening for the first time, I had to replant some daisies, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I also enjoyed painting the wall to brighten up the allotment/garden even more. The woman in charge of the allotment/garden was so grateful for our help that it made me feel very happy because it showed that I had done a good job. Also, the experience has broaden my understanding of corporate irresponsibility which is to embrace responsibility of a company’s action ( in this case the universities) and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment and community.” Fortunee Broha

“I was involved in the CSR in Action project. I volunteered in the ‘Wyke Beck Valley Pride’ project and helped plant trees. It is a great initiative by Leeds Ahead and I hope it turns out to be beneficial for the local community. It was definitely a worthwhile experience and we were astounded to know that we had planted around 800 trees in the space of 4 hours! I got immense satisfaction by volunteering in this project as I always have a feeling that I owe something back to my community. I also had a chat with employees from two companies, Logistik and Grant Thornton. It was interesting to get to know about them and how they ended up in their respective current jobs. Overall, it was a day well spent, away from the university’s lecture theatres and in the local community, making a real difference!” Kaustubh Pathak

“It was a great experience to work with students with similar interests in taking the time out to help those people who need it. Those working on the area for kids with special needs receive no funding whatsoever so June, one of the ladies who worked there, expressed such appreciation for us coming just for half a day. Even though it was a small area of land, there was an desire to create another larger area similar to the one we worked on and it was great to learn that businesses share this desire and put effort into just helping out so that June [from The Growing Zone] and the other workers are able to put other funds and resources into expanding the area for those with special needs. This experience will definitely be beneficial for my CV, looking to work with big corporate law firms, and I would definitely take part again if it was available for me to, or anything similar. Thank you” Maya Parmar