Enterprise & Financial Literacy into School

1. Briefly describe why you got involved in this project and what it was that appealed to you about it?
I got involved in the project initially because it was different to any other modules on offer within my course. I liked the fact that it was hands on and that we would have the experience on teaching pupils.

2. How have your experiences of University and student finance helped you in this role?
I have been able to give first hand experience of how to budget money as I have had to do that myself since being at University. Student finance has helped me partially, for example knowing different types of overdraft etc.

3. What have you enjoyed about the project?
Interacting with the pupils. It’s been good that this has actually contributed to our course as well as it would be something I would have liked to be involved in anyway. It’s good to be able to put transferable skills learnt at uni into place.

4. What impact do you think the project has had on the pupils you’ve worked with and why?
I think it has in particular taught them about finance and what to expect when you get to uni. I wish I had a similar programme I could have taken part in when I was there age. It has also taught them how to run a small business and given them interactive, firsthand experience.

5. What impact (if any) would you say this project has had on you and your skills?
It has definitely improved my leadership skills as I have never really had the opportunity to teach in a classroom before and so it has taught me to be more confident and how to gain control.

6. Would you encourage other students to take part in this scheme and why?
It was extremely insightful and it was good as it felt like you were doing something beneficial, teaching skills learnt at uni to other students.

7. What advice would you give to 2012 University entrants (this could include employability, finance, choice of courses/university, uni life, etc)?
Take every opportunity given to you. I think that this module in particular has been good as it gives you experience that you wouldn’t get when sitting in a lecture theatre. You can transfer the skills lecturers say you will gain from modules to real life situations.

8. Do you think that this is the sort of activity Universities should be promoting? Why?
Yes. Not only is it a good scheme for students from the University but also for the pupils in school. It’s one thing learning about business and finance in the classroom but the pupils have been putting what they have learnt into practice, running their small business. It is a great opportunity for all involved.