Do you possess any entrepreneurial attitudes?

Take part in the Entrepreneurial Orientation Attitude (EAO) Questionnaire to find out! Plus you could win a £20 Amazon voucher!

Here’s how…

The questionnaire will take about 15 min to complete. At the end you will be able to:
1) Enter the draw for a £20 Amazon Voucher
2) Have your answers emailed to you so you can work out your score using the WORK OUT YOUR SCORE document attached and find out if you possess any entrepreneurial attitudes!

To qualify, please enter by 15 November 2015.
Complete the questionnaire at:

In taking part, please note that:

  • Your participation is completely voluntary and you can terminate at any time
  • You will be anonymous and your data will be kept fully confidential

This questionnaire forms part of a PhD research project to find out if UG Business and PVAC students at the University of Leeds possess any natural tendencies towards having entrepreneurial attitudes. This project has been approved by the PVAC & Arts joint Faculty Research Ethics Committee (Ref: LTMUSC-045)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sylvia Jen at