LUU Design Competition

For Disability History Month (22nd November – 22nd December) Leeds University Union (LUU) is challenging students to come up with innovative ideas for assistive technologies. The best design will win a £250 prize!

We are looking for designs that could improve access and promote inclusivity and equality.

For example, this could include:

  • Accessible products that adapt existing objects such as handles, cup holders, bottle openers.
  • Apps that help people who are hard of hearing make phone calls, or assist those with visual impairments identify labels in shops for example.
  • Products that combine access requirements with fashionable, high quality design.

How do I get involved?

If you have an idea or are already designing a product, get involved!

The competition is open to all students, please contact us if you have any questions about your submission or if you have any particular requirements.

You can send us your designs in any format you prefer, for example this could be as a video blog, a word document, an audio recording, or as PowerPoint slides for example.

You must however include the following:

1. A short description of your idea or design

2. Briefly tell us why there is a need for your product

3. Briefly tell us what impact your idea would make

4. Briefly tell us what would be the next stage in developing your design

5. As we hope to show these designs in an exhibition format, think about how you could present your idea in an interesting way. For example could you include mock-ups or drawings of the app’s logo and format for example, a video or audio recording describing how it could be used or a basic prototype or model?


LUU is working in conjunction with the student Disability Action Group on campus. If you have any questions about what needs there are for accessible products, please get in touch and we’d be happy to answer your queries.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 22nd November, 5pm

Please send your submissions or questions to