Research in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies (REES)

The Research in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies (REES) group supports a community of researchers interested in diverse forms of entrepreneurship and enterprise development as an important focus of practice, policy and research.

Director: Dr. Nick Williams

Current projects

  • Enterprise Education Group for Impact and Research (EEGIR), led by Dr. Sally Jones, is currently conducting a research project to look at how teachers and students use a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) to support enterprise education in further education (post -16) contexts. The study is particularly concerned with how this style of teaching and learning can be used to develop enterprise skills (communication, networking, leadership) within an academic module. This study is being conducted as we have developed a new MOOC for enterprise education in this context. We are interested in understanding what students and teachers learn from using it and/or what skills are developed by students as a result.The MOOC is hosted online through Futurelearn:
  • European Study into Student Entrepreneurship (ESSE). This collaborative three country investigation involves universities in Spain, Sweden and the UK. Funded by Leeds Enterprise Centre. Principal Investigator: Prof. Nigel Lockett; Co-Investigators: Prof. Sarah Jack (Lancaster, UK), Dr. Antonio Padilla-Meléndez (Malaga, Spain), Dr Carla Quesada-Pallares (Leeds, UK) and Dr. Karen Williams-Middleton (Chalmers, Sweden).
  • Venture Capitalists for University Spin-offs (USO Research). Researcher: Lutz Brusche (Researcher) with Prof. Nigel Lockett and Dr. Sally Jones. Research project purpose: To ensure venture capitalists understand and meet their portfolio firms’ expectations and to provide an evidence base for policy recommendations as well as for venture capital managers involved in university spin-offs and start-ups, this research will collect first-hand data from academic entrepreneurs to gain an in-depth insight in the dyad relationship between venture capital firms and their portfolio firms. The research team strives to find solutions that ensure maximal added-value from venture capitalists, avoid conflicts and prevent early firms’ death in high-tech and high-risk industries. This research project will be carried in 2015 and data will be collected in the UK and Germany. Further data collection in Japan is planned. Project website: