Dr Richard Tunstall To Join Board of Enterprise Educators UK

Dr Richard Tunstall, Lecturer in Enterprise Education, is pleased to confirm that he has been successfully elected by constituent university members in his bid to join the Board of Enterprise Educators UK from 1 August 2020 for a 3 year term.  Previously Prof Sarah Underwood represented the University of Leeds as a Board member and President – Sarah is now Honorary Fellow.
I’m delighted to be able to represent the University of Leeds on the Board.  It’s a very challenging time for the University sector and for small businesses, and look forward to working with EEUK in this role.
EEUK acts on behalf of its member universities to enable excellence in enterprise education across the HE curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular provision. It supports enterprise educators across a global network through events, conferences, research funding and a new Fellowship programme. It also works directly with policy makers to support and promote the future of enterprise education in the HE sector.   For further information, visit their website www.enterprise.ac.uk