‘Are opportunities spotted or created’ – Guest Speaker Event

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At 6pm on Tuesday 25th October in Conference Auditorium 1, Dr Richard Tunstall, of the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies, will chair a panel discussion with four entrepreneurs to consider: Are opportunities spotted or created?

The panel members will share there own experiences and insights before taking questions from the audience. Our guest speakers are:

Louisa Henry, Founder of Opposite Cafe (GS10KSB graduate and Enterprise Ambassador)
Louisa is founder of Opposite Cafe, a popular coffee shop in Leeds offering fairtrade coffee and healthy affordable food. The first branch of Opposite opened in 2005, opposite the University campus and, after just six months of opening, Louisa came 2nd in the UK Barista Championships. Louise now runs three branches of Opposite: opposite the University, a Kiosk in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds City Centre, and Cup and Source in Chapel Allerton.

Jonathan Seaton, Managing Director of Twinkl (Enterprise Ambassador)
Jonathan (Jon) Seaton is the Managing Director of Twinkl Ltd, the world’s largest and loveliest provider of quality primary teaching resources. Jon has a love for primary education, and believes that Twinkl exists to provide high quality primary resources, teaching resources that support the profession.
The site, www.twinkl.co.uk, has grown rapidly since 2010 and now serves hundreds of thousands of primary teachers worldwide. Jon is particularly interested in business strategy, the social and ethical dimensions of business and brand lovemarks. Jon believes passionately in the principle of business making a lasting difference to the lives of those who make it happen, and those it serves.

Elliot Herrod-Taylor, Owner and Founder of Easy Student Living (Year in Enterprise student)
Elliott is a 20 year old University of Leeds students from near Bristol. He’s always wanted to have his own business and has been looking out for opportunities from a very young age. He is currently involved in three businesses, two of which he owns. Elliott’s latest project is Easy Student Living, utilising his knowledge and connection with students to sell entertainment packages to letting agents. The package is based around solving issues that he has encountered and seen when it comes to organising services such as TV & wifi in student homes. He aims to eradicate these issues in the most moral and helpful way, to ensure students have a stress free experience without a lot of the unknown liability that occurs.

Rob Greenland, Empty Homes Doctor
Rob is co-director of Social Business Brokers, a social enterprise that aims to come up with creative solutions to complex social problems. They are best known for their Empty Homes Doctor service, which has brought over 150 empty homes back into use in Leeds over the last four years. He is also a founder member of Leeds Community Homes, and last week they launched a community share issue to raise £350,000 to create #PeoplePoweredHousing in Leeds. He is @TheSocBiz on Twitter and blogs at www.thesocialbusiness.co.uk

This event is free and open to all.