Entrepreneurship and failure: Learning from mistakes, missteps and mishaps

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Often entrepreneurship is discussed in terms of its ultimate success – a successful start-up or growth strategy – and thus what is overlooked is the failures that occur along the entrepreneurial journey. In this panel discussion, Dr Nick Williams seeks to unpack the positive contribution that ‘failure’ can make, by providing learning opportunities for the entrepreneur to reflect and learn, and improve products, services, operations, marketing etc.

Location: Conference Auditorium 1

1. Tom Allchurch – RecyCoal
2. Steve Baker – Baker & Co Accountants
3. Pete Mills – Calls9
4. Jonathan Straight – Straight plc

We will discuss:

What are the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make?
How entrepreneurs learn when things go wrong and how they put it right.
How running a business is a process and only by learning lessons on the way can ventures grow and thrive.
How the fear of failure can hold entrepreneurs back.
How entrepreneurs reflect and learn from failures and set-backs.