Guest Speaker Series: ‘When is an idea an opportunity?’

  • Date:

Date: Tuesday 29th October 2013

Time: 6-7.30pm

Venue: Western Lecture Theatre

Guest Speakers:

Achille Traore – CEO of Top Screen Media – Top Screen Media

Andy Bolton – Director of Fraudscreen – Fraudscreen

Becky Edlin – Director of Magpie Comms – Magpie Comms

Jonny Ross – MD of Jonny Ross Consultancy Ltd – Jonny Ross

Sarah Dunwell – Director of Arena Partners – Arena Partners

Each panel member will explain (for 5-10 minutes) an example of how they saw an opportunity and realised there was a market. At the end we will take questions from the floor and there will then be a chance to mix with students.

This event is open to all. No need to book.