Intrapreneurship Panel and Debate

  • Date:
  • Time: 18:00 - 19:15
  • Location: Michael Sadler Building, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, LG.X04
  • Who can attend: Students, Staff

The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies is looking forward to the forthcoming Intrapreneurship panel on 20th February.  Organised by Dr Stephen King, the event will be looking at “intrapreneurship” – thinking and acting entrepreneurially within established businesses and organisations.    Whilst we teach new venture creation and entrepreneurship to many students from across the university, we appreciate that most will not go on to start a business immediately.

However, many will, we hope, think and act entrepreneurially within established businesses and organisations as their careers develop.   The event will explore this area by way of a panel debate.    It will give students an opportunity to meet speakers from different sectors, each with experience of intrapreneurship.


  • Kathryn Palmer – Innovation manager at Emerald Group Publishing, professional speaker on innovation and creativity, facilitator and coach.
  • Taz Aldawoud – GP, Innovator, Commissioner. Passionate about digital technology applied to healthcare.
  • Peter McAteer – Managing Director, Sysmax Ltd, a Chartered Director with experience of running his own businesses in Engineering Management Consulting and IT / web based management systems.
  • Tom Allchurch – Tom has been CEO of coal mining and recovery businesses since 1998.  Additionally, Tom mentors and invests in young businesses and is a Trustee of a coal industry charity.