Seminar on “Entrepreneurial education: From person to product to business” – all welcome

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The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies (CEES) would like to invite you to the below seminar which is taking place on Monday 20 February at 2pm in room 1.32 in the Maurice Keyworth (Business School) building.

Seminar overview

Entrepreneurial education: From person to product to business

In this seminar, Professor Helle Neergaard will share her insight gained from the PACE project. PACE is an acronym for “Promoting A Culture of Entrepreneurship”. Taking as inspiration Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, the project developed a six-step teaching framework (the entrepreneurial learning cycle) that can be used in any entrepreneurial learning environment. Central components of the ELC are interventions and reflective logs that assist the learning process. A further essential element is the process students go through whilst learning to think more entrepreneurially, identify their resource wealth, understand the nature of opportunities, forging prototyping, realising and communicating their ideas – from person to product to business.

Biography:  Helle Neergaard is Professor in Entrepreneurship at Aarhus Business School, Denmark. She is an internationally renowned expert in qualitative research and edits the Handbook of Qualitative Research Techniques and Analysis in Entrepreneurship. She is widely published in journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and the International Small Business Journal and her current research interests include strategic and managerial aspects of entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurs and internationalization. She is was also recently the President of the European Council for Small Business (ECSB).

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