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Dr Richard Tunstall gives a lecture at UIBE


Dr Richard Tunstall gave an invited lecture to faculty and students at the School of Public Administration at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing during his visit last week. The lecture was on ‘Different paths to the waterfall: How does who we are inform what we do in entrepreneurship?’.

He focussed on the entrepreneurial and social processes as well as enterprise risk management and the different paths of entrepreneurship. ‘The source of business opportunities are divided into internal sources and external sources; entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity to obtain resources.’ He also explained the influencing factors and opportunities of the business model at the early stages of entrepreneurship and emphasised the five dimensions; the idea, the entrepreneur, the location, the process and the profit.

A student at the talk commented that “His lecture was well received and lively, providing a new perspective on academic research and inspiring those present, both students and faculty members.”

After the talk, some lively discussion ensued with graduate students on innovation and entrepreneurship and students shared their innovative projects including research on efforts to encourage social entrepreneurship in rural China.

Richard commented that “I felt very honoured to be invited to speak to students and faculty at LUBS partner institution in China. The students at UIBE were very engaged and it was wonderful to hear of the exciting projects which students are undertaking in entrepreneurship, as well as the rising popularity of this topic amongst those present’.