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Leeds Enterprise Educators Network (LEEN)


The Leeds Enterprise Education Network (LEEN) aims to bring together colleagues from a diverse range of disciplines to explore and exchange knowledge of teaching and research and to develop opportunities for collaboration and curriculum development. A recent mapping exercise undertaken by the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies, into enterprise-related teaching across campus identified many colleagues working to develop teaching and research for, about or through enterprise and entrepreneurship in a diverse range of disciplines. However, as enterprise or entrepreneurship is not the primary focus of disciplines outside traditional Business School environments, it is often seen as an added ‘extra’ rather than an element of teaching that is embedded within modules and made relevant to the particular subject areas with the potential for those who are developing these initiatives to become isolated.

We recognise that colleagues working in these areas across faculties and schools are developing innovative and exciting teaching and modules for students from a range of disciplines and LEEN seeks to offer ways of sharing this knowledge and experience. We encourage those currently, or intending to become, involved in developing enterprise-related teaching and those interested in research collaboration in this area to join the network and to share their knowledge to develop interdisciplinary practice and research directions.

If you are interested in joining LEEN and would like to be kept informed of our activities and events please email Dr. Emilee Simmons (