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Paper published in Journal of Business Venturing Insights - Dr Isla Kapasi


The practice of “we”: A framework for balancing rigour and relevance in entrepreneurship scholarship

Dr Isla Kapas from The University of Leeds Business School, and Dr Ainural Rosli from the Brunel Business School have had the above paper published in the Journal Of Business Venturing Insights.


We develop a conceptual model for the practice of “we” informed by problem-solving approaches and design science phases.

We create an actionable framework for structured reflection underpinning the practice of “we”.

We enable scholars to realise entrepreneurial scholarship informed by structured reflection and design science.

We encourage a communal approach to the resolution of problems by respecting multiple knowledges which inform solutions.


The rigour-relevance divide remains a longstanding concern for the entrepreneurship field. In this article we elucidate the practice of “we” in entrepreneurship scholarship and propose a means to encourage and realise it. Our contribution is in the combination of reflection (content reflection, process reflection, and premise reflection) and design science phases; thus, we develop and outline the concept and communal practice of entrepreneurial scholarship informed by a structured reflection framework. Our original model and related framework detail a series of overlapping phases of inquiry and questioning, demonstrating how can we work together with non-academics to collectively strengthen the relevance of entrepreneurship scholarship and, ultimately, be more accountable and relevant to those whom we research.

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