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World Changers: Celebrating impactful research


World Changers: Celebrating Impactful Research is a first edition publication, comprised of 13 essays with the collective aim of working towards equality and quality of living for the people of Leeds, the UK and around the world.

Curated by Professor Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Chancellor at University of Leeds, the collection features writings that are exclusively from early-career researchers, all with a wide-range of expertise that share the common vision of a fairer world.

Among the featuring researchers in this publication, is CEES' Associate Professor of Enterprise, and Academic Director for Enterprise at Leeds, Dr Richard Tunstall. His essay is titled Reimagining impact: Creating an entrepreneurial education that makes a difference.

Dr Tunstall's research reinvents an approach to entrepreneurial education, in which students are exposed to real-world experiences that will challenge their thinking and problem solving skills, as well as enabling a networking thread between education and the wider community.

He said: “Writing the essay gave me the opportunity to bring together my understanding of the existing work being undertaken at the University, alongside international research in this area, to create a thought piece that acts as a platform for discussion and debate about what the future could look like.

The invitation to contribute to the collection provided me with the opportunity to think about the strengths of the University in student enterprise and active learning, and how the University’s new Strategy provides a new impetus for these.

Dr Tunstall’s research looks at experiential learning in entrepreneurship education and how social learning influences entrepreneurial behaviour in organisations.

The way his essay has been received is already having an impact on future projects, too.

He said: “It has been fantastic to see my work being shared and discussed, and it has already been picked up by wider networks as part of broader debates about the future of entrepreneurial education.

“This is already informing my plans for future research, scholarship and practical collaborations in this area, and I hope it will provide a source of inspiration to others – both within the university and across our wider networks – in how we work together to achieve the ambitions set out in the University’s strategy”.

Read Reimagining impact: Creating an entrepreneurial education that makes a difference.

Dr Tunstall is one of many early-career researchers that have contributed to this publication, including Dr Vien Cheung, Dr Leah Henrickson, Dr Lucy Ziegler and more. You can read World Changers: Celebrating Impactful Research on Spotlight.

The essays are also available as a audiobook series on our SoundCloud page.

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