Enterprise Dissertation

LUBS5530 Enterprise Dissertation (30 credits)
Dr. Stephen King

An extended piece of applied research (12,000 words) drawing on your understanding of the theory and practice of entrepreneurship within the context of a ‘real world’ enterprise. Students can select an enterprise project that reflects their own interests and career ambitions. Worth 30 credits.

The dissertation is in many ways the culmination of the Masters programme. It provides students with opportunities to firstly, apply aspects learned in other parts of the programme and develop these in greater detail and, secondly, develop a complete piece of work from the initial idea through to a final written report. The dissertation helps students develop the kind of skills they will need for work in a variety of careers, as well as to develop their specific ability to research and analyse academic problems. Undertaking a major piece of work like this can be very interesting and rewarding. The dissertation requires planning and organisation, time, patience and perseverance.

To apply, please follow the instructions available through the Leeds University Business School website.