James Waggott

James completed his MBA (with Distinction honours) at LUBS and has since developed his entrepreneurial interests.

His business interests vary from high end French Luxury Tourism (www.boutiquebargecompany.com), social enterprise (www.smart-aid.co.uk), retail (www.theantiquescentreyork.co.uk), and guest lecturing and public speaking on the subject of enterprise (www.jameswaggott.com).

He is also involved in other projects, has written a book and has more books in the pipeline. James describes himself as a ‘Hippy Capitalist’ which, funnily enough, is the title of his next book. Hippy Capitalism, as he puts it, is the strategy of only doing worthwhile things with interesting people by embracing capitalist principles. James is particularly interested in the core motivation behind ‘being enterprising’ and the boundless motivation you get once you get these reasons clear.