Faculty and Researchers

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies: Faculty

Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies

Leeds University Business School

Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies: Doctoral Students

  • Lutz Brusche (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen King) – Perceptions of venture capitalists’ non-financial added value for academic start-ups
  • Emma Kilroy (Supervisors: Dr. Nick Williams and Dr. Alex Kevill) – Migrant Entrepreneurship
  • Kautsar Ramli (Supervisors: Dr. Nick Williams and Dr. Richard Tunstall) – Youth entrepreneurship: Success and failure factors
  • Lionel Zayeh Kooktapeh (Supervisors: Dr. Stephen King and Dr. Stan Karanasios) – Social media and innovation in small businesses
  • Nasir Rajah (Supervisors: Dr. Nick Williams and V Bamiatzi)
  • Samuel Appleton (Supervisors: Dr Stephen King and Dr. Sarah Underwood)
  • Sherif Youssef (Supervisors: Dr. Richard Tunstall M. Davis)