Recent publications

Recent high quality publications by the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies staff:


  • WILLIAMS (2016) ‘Hidden clusters: the articulation of agglomeration in City Regions’ with Brooks, C. and Vorley, T. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, forthcoming
  • WILLIAMS (2016) Distinguishing micro-businesses from SMEs: A systematic review of growth constraints. with Gherhes, C., Vorley, T. and Vasconcelos, A. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, forthcoming
  • WILLIAMS (2016) ‘Fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth: Pathways to Economic Resilience in Kosovo’. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, Special Issue on Entrepreneurship in the Balkans, with Vorley, T. , forthcoming
  • WILLIAMS (2016) ‘Not just dialling it in: Examining cognitive-based approaches in enterprise education using a smartphone application’ with Vorley, T., Education and Training, forthcoming
  • WILLIAMS (2016) ‘Why innovative firms do not guarantee innovation-led regional growth: Lessons from the Sheffield City Region’, with Brooks, C., Gherhes, C. and Vorley, T. Competitiveness Review, forthcoming
  • KAPASI (2016) ‘Rural home-based business: a study of motivations, challenges and outcomes in Scotland’ with Galloway, L., Local Economy, forthcoming
  • KAPASI (2016) ‘Their stories: gender, identity work and women leaders’ with Sang, K. and Sitko, R., Gender in Management, forthcoming


  • WILLIAMS (2015)Creating and sustaining a model of community-based enterprise learning: a participatory case study of ready hubs’ Community Development, forthcoming
  • KAPASI (2015) ‘Entrepreneurship, leadership and the value of feminist approaches to understanding them’ with Galloway, L. and Sang. K., Journal of Small Business Management. 53 (3) pp. 683-692
  • KAPASI (2015) ‘Work-life balance in home-based businesses: a UK study’ with Galloway, L., The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 16 (1) pp.33-42.
  • KAPASI (2015) ‘How not to do it!! A salutary lesson on longitudinal & qualitative research approaches for entrepreneurship researchers ‘ with Galloway, L. and Whittam, G., International Journal of Entrepreneurship Behavior & Research. 21 (3) pp. 489-500
  • KAPASI (2015) ‘Exploring ‘successful’ outcomes of entrepreneurship education’ with Galloway, L., Industry and Higher Education 29 (6) pp. 505-515
  • JONES, S. (2015) ‘The Role of Competences in Shaping the Leadership Style of Female Entrepreneurs’ with Bamiatz, V., Mitchelmore, S. & Nikolopoulos, K. Journal of Small Business Management Forthcoming [ABS 3]
  • WILLIAMS, N. (2015) ‘Between petty corruption and criminal extortion: How entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Romania operate within a devil’s circle’ with Vorley, T., International Small Business Journal,Forthcoming [ABS 3]
  • WILLIAMS, N. (2015) ‘The impact of institutional change on entrepreneurship in a crisis-hit economy: The case of Greece’ with Vorley, T., Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 27(1/2) 28-49. [ABS 3]


  • JONES, S. (2014) ‘Gendered Discourses of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: The Fictive Entrepreneur and the Fictive Student’. International Small Business Journal 32 (3), pp 237-258. [ABS 3] 
  • LOCKETT, N. (2014) ‘Paving the way for CRM Success: The Mediating Role of Knowledge Management and Organizational Commitment’ with Garrido-Moreno, A. and Garica-Morales, V. Information and Management 51, pp 1031-1042. [ABS 3]
  • WILLIAMS, N. (2014) ‘Institutional asymmetry: How formal and informal institutions affect entrepreneurship in Bulgaria’ withn and Vorley T., International Small Business Journal, Online first, DOI: 10.1177/0266242614534280 [ABS 3]
  • WILLIAMS, N. (2014) ‘Economic Resilience and Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Sheffield City Region’ withn and Vorley T., Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 26(3-4) 257-281. [ABS 3]