BA Music with Enterprise

The Music with Enterprise programme offered by the School of Music is an exciting new course aimed at students with interests in music and entrepreneurship. Taught jointly by the School of Music and the prestigious Leeds University Business School (LUBS), the course aims to challenge students academically, through historical, analytical, and critical approaches to music, and to promote practical entrepreneurship through the development of new enterprise initiatives. Students will pursue modules in planning, managing innovation in business, development, creativity and social enterprise as part of their work with Leeds Enterprise Centre at LUBS.

Students will combine studies in music theory, history and science with business studies in innovation, planning and management. The course culminates in an Enterprise Development Project in which students model a new enterprise, with the possibility of making music the object of their entrepreneurial venture.

We envision graduates from this course entering the marketplace with a wide variety of career options. Music graduates commonly combine performance/teaching/freelance activity; this course will encourage students to develop exciting and innovative ways of developing their career options, exploiting their musical creativity and interests in a commercial setting. Whatever the way students chose to pursue their career after Leeds, the traditional academic rigour developed through study at the University will provide them with the analytical skills and self-discipline to compete in the world of work.

The Music with Enterprise programme forms part of the campus-wide portfolio of activities and programmes that support Enterprise at the University of Leeds. As a result, students undertaking this programme of study will benefit from opportunities to work with students engaged in enterprising activities from different disciplines, while further being able to access support and information from a range of related student services.

UCAS Code: 3P84

If you’re interested in keeping up with developments on this new programme, please email:, or find out more on the School of Music website.