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With Enterprise

The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies works with Schools from across the University of Leeds to deliver 'with Enterprise' undergraduate degree for students who want to combine a specialist subject with enterprise. These programmes have been recognised as an excellent example of student enterprise support by the Small Business Charter. We are able to offer four 'with Enterprise' degree programmes:

These programmes include a main focus on the specialist discipline and are parented by the relevant School. The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies contributes to the programmes at each level, including compulsory and optional modules (refer to programme above):
  • Year 1: Enterprise in Action; Innovation and Creativity; Leadership in Business; Understanding Social Enterprise
  • Year 2: Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice; Finance for Small Business; Innovating Social Enterprise; Managing Innovation in Business; New Enterprise Planning
  • Final Year: Advanced Entrepreneurship; Enterprise Development Project

Rhea Fofana, Biotech With Enterprise