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Gavin Kelleher, RAG President


Fourth year student Gavin Kelleher has had a busy four years at the University of Leeds – studying International Relations he naturally has an interest in charitable causes and making a difference in society, which led him to his current title of RAG President.

Originally planning on studying International Business, Gavin changed his mind two weeks before arriving in Leeds and swapped his course to International Relations and got involved in student life straight away.

In his first year of university, Gavin studied the Leadership in Business module that is run by the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies: “I started the module at the same time I was President of the Henry Price Hall Exec, which was really interesting because I got to put everything I learnt into practice.”

“The Leadership in Business module is my highest scoring module to date! The tutors were really helpful and engaging – there were a lot of interactive workshops, which made it so much more fun. Not only did we learn how to work together in group situations, but we got to critique and analayse our performance afterwards,” said Gavin.

As the current President of RAG, Gavin has been involved in many of the RAG summer expeditions such as the Uganda and Peru Projects, where he helped teach English and build school facilities for less fortunate children. Having learnt how to put his leadership learning’s into practice in first year, Gavin explained how he’s continued to do so: “I’ve been in a leadership position each time I’ve been away on a RAG project which has been a great experience, I’ve learnt to deal with different people in sometimes difficult situations.”

Now looking for a graduate job within the charity sector, Gavin hopes to get a role within international development, particularly in poverty and education.