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Jessica Bateson - Social Enterprise


Jessica took the opportunity provided by an elective module in Enterprise to develop her own ideas for a social enterprise.

"I developed a 'micro-finance' enterprise - similar to 'pay-day loans' but without the associated exorbitant interest rates.

I envisaged it helping communities in Leeds. It was a real first taste of enterprise and inspired me to undertake an internship at Leeds-based social enterprise, Create, for a full semester. I was able to work with Sarah Dunwell, Create's founder, and Enterprise Ambassador, who has been such an inspiration. To see what can be achieved when people get together to change things has really opened my eyes.

My next internship couldn't have been with a more different organisation. I went on a two-week Spring Internship in the Operations Department at Goldman Sachs in London where I saw their philanthropic work in action. I'm heading back there for a 10-week internship this summer and I can't wait.

This year I'm studying at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia in my Year Abroad. It's been another fantastic opportunity that I've been given by Leeds - I've experienced a different culture and learned so much about business in other parts of the world."