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Jiachen Lui, MSc Enterprise (2014-15)


International postgraduate student Jiachen Liu chose to study at the University of Leeds following completion of his undergraduate Software Engineering degree in China. He decided to study at the University because of its excellent global reputation for business.

Having originally enrolled on to MSc Management, Jiachen changed courses to gain more practical learning and undertake a course that would give him the skills and knowledge to set up his own business. Naturally this led him to MSc Enterprise.

Jiachen said: “MSc Enterprise allows students on to the course without a business background, which was perfect for me, as even though I knew I wanted to set up my own business, I had no experience whatsoever!”

As part of his final assessment, Jiachen has developed a business plan which has helped him put theory into practice. “I selected the most relevant modules to what I want to achieve in the future: Marketing for Management, and Globalisation of Innovation and Emerging Markets.”

“As an entrepreneur you must have an innovative view on things, and I feel that studying MSc Enterprise has really helped me develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mind.”

“I’m so happy I decided to study at the Leeds Enterprise Centre, I’ve been given the opportunity to meet and gain advice from so many inspiring entrepreneurs, which drives me to be successful. I plan to return to China once I’ve finished studying, where I’ll work for a couple of years in a management role to gain further experience before setting up my own business.”

Jiachen plans to set up his own business, building mobile apps and websites, which will link together his undergraduate degree with MSc Enterprise.