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Nick Simm - Enterprise Student 2012


Nick Simm, explains how his journey into enterprise was boosted by Enterprise Centre Year In Enterprise experience.

During his Undergraduate degree, Nick has engaged with many the Enterprise Centre modules and opportunities. Most recently, he completed his Year In Enterprise, on which he launched his social media specialist company BOLDGORILLA, offering organisations the expertise to make social media achieve their objectives.

“The year was an incredible opportunity to put theory into practice, and build the foundations for my future, post-graduation. Having experienced the support from the Enterprise Centre, SPARK’s Business Consultants, and from serial entrepreneurs as business mentors, I explored my business ideas before setting on BoldGorilla."

I think those thinking of starting up should realise the first business idea might not be the one you finish with. I originally launched a Mobile App Creation company, only to realise in practice, it wasn’t for me."

The most important thing is to be able to learn from your strengths and understand your weaknesses. For me, I lacked the technical expertise required to make my company the best at developing innovative apps. And for the start of my enterprising career, this just isn’t my style."

I recognised my strengths fell within consulting with an organisation on their objectives, and applying my knowledge and creativity to find a viable business solution. Coupling this with by social media skills – which have accelerated since starting – I am able to provide exceptional solutions, unrivalled by competitors.

As well as launching his social media company, BOLDGORILLA, Nick’s leadership skills have taken him from being an Ambassador for the EU, to meetings with Barclays Bank’s new CEO Anthony Jenkins.

“There’s a wealth of opportunity in the University. You’ve got to be bold: make yourself stand out and explore innovative ideas by joining an Enterprise Society or practically develop your entrepreneurial skills with the Enterprise Centre modules to transform your future and achieve your ambition.

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