Business Start Up

I thought of the idea for carwow at my parents’ kitchen table! A new car is the second biggest purchase many people will make in their life, after a house, yet the process has largely gone unchanged for the past 100 years. Despite the internet bringing travel, housing, and all other large purchases into the modern age, new car buying still involved customers having to travel around to multiple dealerships and haggle face-to-face with salespeople while still not knowing if they were getting a good deal. I set out to fix this.

Are the various disparate enterprise strands converging to make today the Golden Age of Enterprise? At first glance it is difficult to see the connection between enterprise in schools and the rapid increase in the number of small businesses.

Love Me Sew Following on from The Pitch - Part 1, where I told you about my start up business Love Me Sew; applying and being chosen as a finalist in the Start Up Britain's Pitch Up Scheme, we traveled to London for the day of the pitch...