Research Seminar Series

Presentation 1: Dr Bejan Analoui (University of Huddersfield) “They see it as their last chance”: An examination of a NEET Youth Enterprise Initiative This presentation provides tentative findings from an on-going case study of a Youth Enterprise Initiative (YEI). The YEI is funded by multiple agencies and aims to help those who are aged sixteen…
This paper explores the dynamic of intimacy and relational connection that underpins married or cohabiting couples (copreneurs) who have started a business.
The seminar will be discussing the applicability of HRM frameworks developed mainly in large / private sector organisations and their relevance to small and medium-sized NPOs (non-profit organisation).
The paper critically evaluates the value of utilising qualitative shadowing to investigate entrepreneurial learning.
Presenters: Mariana Estrada-Robles (University of Leeds) Dr Nick Williams (University of Leeds)