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CEES Student Intern - Who I am


Andrea ManouchouHi. I'm Andrea and I'm currently a postgraduate student studying Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations. This is my second year working at the Centre of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies (CEES) where I have been raising the profile of the Centre through marketing and promotion. In the past I did a year in industry at the Alumni and Development team here at the University as the Alumni Volunteering Intern promoting alumni volunteering to graduates and the Leeds Network to students and until recently I was doing a PR summer internship at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus.

I have previous experience with CEES since I took three of its modules during my undergraduate degree at the University (LUBS1010, LUBS1890 and LUBS2035). All three modules were very interesting, especially so given my lack of experience in entrepreneurship before coming to university.

I was also a committee member of Enactus Leeds; a volunteering society which aims to make positive social impact through entrepreneurial action. Being part of this society helped me understand how broad enterprise is because in essence enterprise is about starting your own business but it can also extend a lot further than that.

Being part of CEES has been an excellent opportunity for me to find out more about entrepreneurship but also to experience first-hand how the Centre can be of help to students and businesses. As soon as the vacancy was advertised I realised how interesting this position would be and having been in the office for a year now, I can truly say that the Centre is a very vibrant place to work in with several inspiring stories to tell.

I look forward to yet another year of entrepreneurial fun.