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Digital Health Panel 2022


On the 8th of November, the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies hosted the first panel event of the year with a panel looking at innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector, chaired by Dr. Alex Kevill.

Students were invited to Esther Simpson Lecture Theatre 1.01 to hear from two innovators from the health sector, Dr Adam Dubis, Associate Professor at University College London, and Dr Tim Bonnici, Intensive Care Consultant and Digital Health Innovator. Drs Dubis and Bonnici presented their entrepreneurial and innovative journeys, providing key insights into their careers and methods.

Attendees were able to access the event in a hybrid fashion, with students physically in the lecture theatre joined by hundreds of online participants.

Rebecca Abbott, an MSc Sustainability and Business student who attended the panel, found the event to be very engaging:

“It was very inspiring from a MSc Sustainability and Business perspective. I found it particularly encouraging to hear the benefits of having a business which simultaneously helps people and the planet. Also notable was hearing the lecturer state the importance of turning ‘the problem’ into your passion - an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Students were given insights into further education, the importance of building networks, and lessons learned throughout careers in innovation in the health sector. The presentations were followed by a lively Q&A session, with questions being asked by both attendees in the room as well as those joining from online.

CEES would like to thank all that were involved in making this panel possible. The next panel event is greatly anticipated.