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Enterprise Awareness pop-up at the Business School


On the 28th of November, the MSc Enterprise students were challenged with raising enterprise awareness at the Business School.

The challenge

Every team received a £20 initial investment for their product and the team with the highest profit would win and take every other teams' profits as well.

The winners

The winning team, Mosaic

The winning team, Mosaic

Mosaic was the winning team of this challenge and consisted of Dominic Woelfl, Ahlam Zainal, Khushali Vadhar, Qonitah Zundiah and Atika Rahmadhani. They donated the overall profit, which was a little over £200, to Save the Children and their Children in War Appeal.

Mosaic was selling home made oreo chocolate truffle at £1 for 2 truffles. The team had a strong marketing campaign going on with Dominic acting as the truffle man, a well-decorated stall and their #TruffleForAll campaign in social media. Everyone who bought truffles could then had his picture taken for the social media campaign.

Mosaic was a very committed team that managed to get the highest profit even when the odds were not in their favour. Another competing team had managed to sell out long before the end of the challenge but the Mosaic team members took it upon themselves to sell all their products and win, showcasing some great selling skills.

Applying theory

This challenge was a great opportunity for the students to apply the theory they had learned. The Mosaic team combined the knowledge they had gained from Enterprise Awareness and Enterprise and Society. They noted that Dr Sally Jones's research on LUBS students' behaviour on social enterprise products helped them make the decision to promote their truffle for charity. Through this activity the students also had the opportunity to implement the enterprise theory they had been taught so far which included making an entrepreneurial team and doing market research as well as challenging their creativity on business strategy in a real case.