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Leeds Online Campus Sales enterprise (LOCS)


This exciting new project will provide a platform for students, staff and alumni to sell their products online without having to sacrifice high commission to large platforms such as Etsy, Amazon and Ebay. LOCS would act as a stepping stone for students towards establishing their own business as well as allow for market research.

The project’s main aim is to provide members a platform to develop their online enterprise while having structured support. It will also create a support network for students by students.

LOCS is looking to work with LUU societies to create an internal network of experts and services that can be used by the members on the platform.

This project has never been done in other Universities or Student Unions. It’s owned and created especially for LUU Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and supported by the Footsteps Fund.

Olivia Adu is the founder of the project and will be working on this project along with a team of 7 other students in charge of project management, public relations, web design and more.

“The university's business start-up service, Spark, are delighted to see the continued growth of Enterprise at the University of Leeds. The Spark programme has supported students and graduates from all faculties. Therefore, it is extremely important that potential entrepreneurs from a non-business background are made aware of the ‘Enterprise’ offering. Working in conjunction with Spark, the LOCS project is a positive way to reach and support students that have an interest in entrepreneurship”. - Brian Baillie, Incubation Manager