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Level 2 Modules


Level 2 – Open to 2nd and 3rd year UG students

LUBS2080 New Enterprise Planning – Semester 1

This module introduces students to key theories and analysis tools relevant to the process of new enterprise planning, which students will subsequently use in the development and analysis of their own enterprise proposal.  This module is approved as a discovery module.

LUBS2045 Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice – Semester 2

This module aims to give students an introduction to the theoretical literature on entrepreneurship. In doing so, the module will allow students to develop their critical skills and to analyse the internal and external factors that impact on entrepreneurship and how they intertwine to create success.  This module is approved as a discovery module.

LUBS2065 Managing Innovation in Business – Semester 2

The module aims to provide the knowledge and skills to enable the student to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of innovation, the current practices and management of innovation and apply their knowledge to current case studies and present evidence to support arguments for different models of change. In doing so, students will be able to demonstrate recognition and understanding of their own innovative skill set.  This module is approved as a discovery module.