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MSc Enteprise students challenged with real-life projects

Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies

On Friday 3 March, the MSc Enterprise students were tasked with finding solutions to a number of projects presented by guest speakers Caroline Wherritt, Ged Savva, John Whetherly, David Price and Rob Bennett.

Caroline is the founder and Chief Executive of Re:Work Office Furniture; a social enterprise based in Leeds specialising in the supply, recycling and reuse of office furniture. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Re:Work. Caroline is looking for students who can help put together up to five processes and procedures within the company. ‘Processes and procedures are an integral part of business and are important to make sure staff are trained in the correct way’. The Re:Work team will work collaboratively and flexibly with the students. The processes are enquiry to sale, sale to delivery and delivery to feedback.

Processes and procedures are an integral part of business and are important to make sure staff are trained in the correct way

Ged Savva is the Co-founder and Development Director of Magpie Communications; a creative agency based in Leeds. The company will be holding 'The Reinvention Convention'; a one-day event where student teams work on 're-inventing' a brand so that it resonates better with Millenials. This event aims to increase the number of clients in the commercial sector, particularly 'challenger brands'; brands that are keen to re-invent themselves. The students will evaluate the event and propose a plan for the long-term marketing and exploitation of the 'Convention'.

Ged Savva presenting a project for the students.

John Whetherly is the CEO of Numberjuice, providing a cloud accountancy software package. The company has recently developed an app called ReceiptWorx which allows customers to take photographs of their invoices and upload them to be added to their accounts by the system, as part of NumberWorx. This app aims for paperless accounting which is now recognised by HMRC. The question for students is how to market ReceiptWorx. John and his team are looking for people with fresh ideas to come up with a solution to this problem. The app is currently live so students can see results instantly and the company is aiming for 20k downloads by the end of 2017.

Achille Traore is the CEO of Top Screen Media. He has just launched a new business, Swoosch; a group payment platform to allow people to 'crowdfund' together, e.g. collect money for a trip. Achille also has another business under construction, Offtrack, a train delay refund app. He is keen for students to create a marketing strategy that will put both brands in front of their target audiences. 'The more innovative and viral the better.'

Achille Traore presenting the OffTrack project.

Dave Price is the Co-Founder of SmartAid. SmartAid matches skilled professionals (volunteers) with charities and NGOs that need their skills. Dave had two projects for the students. One is for a team to work on the design and implementation of this year's 'Banger Rally' in South America. Entrants race old cars across South America for charity and the SmartAid team will also give talks in schools and businesses about SmartAid as they go. The second is to improve SmartAid’s recruitment and training of volunteers who work with client businesses to advise them on key areas of need.

Rob Bennett is leading the marketing of a revolutionary combined heat and power system; HeatGen. Rob described how the technology could revolutionise energy supply where it is difficult or expensive to obtain energy from traditional grid-based sources, particularly developing countries. Students have been asked to help devise a marketing strategy for HeatGen exploring the product's USP, identifying suitable target markets and devloping a go-to-market plan.

Thank you to Caroline Wherritt, Ged Savva, Tom Allchurch, John Whetherly, David Price and Rob Bennett for their time.