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MSc Enterprise & Entrepreneurship 'virtual visits'


As part of the MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, students usually visit several small businesses that were started up independently.  They have a tour around the premises and listen to, and ask questions of, the business owner.   Learning what it takes to put into practice those entrepreneurial ideas!  This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the students were unable to make the visits in person, but luckily with a bit of help from technology, that didn't stop them!

Two of our Enterprise Ambassadors, Nina Agaarwal of Fusion Learning, and Claire Morley-Jones of HR180 kindly hosted our students on virtual visits to their businesses.  The students got the opportunity to hear how their start-ups came to fruition and are now employing staff.

Claire from HR180 spoke about the importance of the business having a clear vision, or identity.  Having this clear identity has helped her sell her HR business to staff and customers - they then buy into that vision.

Having a passion for your business idea is also key - without it, the business will fail!

Starting your own business requires you to believe in yourself, know what motivates you and when recruiting staff, you can recruit people who compliment and support you in areas where your expertise is less (for example, if you hate dealing with Finances - get someone to do the financial side of things when you can).

If you are thinking of starting your own business, then be prepared for it to be all consuming, to make changes and be flexible.  As long as you have chosen the right path, understand what needs to be done, then you have the best chance of success!

For further information about the MSc Enterprise & Entrepreneurship visit our course page here.