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New project - African universities as enablers of social innovation and sustainable development

Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies

Professor Diane Holt of CEES has recently been appointed to a promising new project which aims to explore the potential of African universities in contributing to global development. The initiative has been motivated by a tendency to overlook the capability of universities in the global south in fostering social innovation. Professor Holt, along with researchers from seven universities in South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, and the UK, will utilise qualitative methods and focus on building a research network, collecting primary data, and disseminating findings to inform a wide audience. The expected outcomes include a transdisciplinary workshop in Cape Town, a co-authored research article, media articles, and organized sessions at international conferences.

Supported and funded by the WUN Global Higher Education and Research (GHEAR) network, the project aims to uncover the challenges that need to be overcome, and which opportunities can be beneficial in tackling them. Diane Holt's appointment reinforces the significance of entrepreneurship in driving social change. Through this project, the team aims to inspire universities worldwide to fulfil their potential by striving to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about the project here.