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PhD Researcher, Sam Appleton, Contributes to UK Parliament Research C-19


In March 2020, Parliament launched the COVID-19 outbreak expert database. Over 5,000 experts responded.  CEES PhD Researcher Sam Appleton contributed to this research study, one of forty contributors from the University of Leeds.

On business and trade, experts highlighted concerns about:

Supply chains and logistics

Business support and at-risk industries

Industry behaviour



In the long-term, some experts note that establishing and re-energising businesses after the COVID-19 outbreak requires entrepreneurship. They are concerned that there is not enough current support for entrepreneurs. They also note that laws disqualifying directors of failed businesses from being directors in the future could be damaging in this period. This is because viable businesses may fail through no fault of the director and disqualification stops these entrepreneurs from establishing potentially successful new businesses. They also suggest that greater funding for research and development may be necessary to help bring new products created over this period to market.

Excerpt from:

Business, trade and COVID-19: What are experts concerned about?
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