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Student launches website to help people find experience!



Having business ideas was the easy part; for final year engineering student, Tim Brazier, finding people to help grow his business was the problem!

"I’ve always been coming up with new ideas for inventions or businesses and although the business support and advice was there I struggled to find other people to help me take the idea forward."

"From talking to the other student entrepreneurs at Leeds I found I wasn’t alone in thinking this and so that’s why I started My Student Venture ("

Launched earlier this year, My Student Venture is an online platform to help students, looking to start their own businesses and projects, match with other talented students to help them succeed. The service is also available to other small businesses and organisations so students can access opportunities to gain real and relevant experience in a range of areas.

Whilst Tim may be studying engineering, his 'interests lie with entrepreneurship and helping people make their ideas come to life' and with My Student Venture, he is working to do just that! Tim is also the president of the Leeds University Enterprise Society, running events, trips and competitions for any students interested in business & enterprise.