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Theory Building Workshop: Empowering Research Excellence

Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies
Enterprise Education

From May 31st to June 2nd, the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies hosted a three-day theory building workshop conducted by Professor Paul C. Godfrey, a groundbreaking researcher and current William and Roceil Low Professor of Business Strategy in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. The workshop aimed to guide senior academics and PhD students in the process of constructing and refining theories from their research.

The workshop fostered a supportive and collaborative environment, where participants engaged with their peers, shared ideas, and received constructive feedback. The esteemed attendees, comprising a mix of senior academics and PhD students, brought a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the discussions, encouraging the refinement of theories through collective insights, led by Professor Godfrey's expert insights.

On the final day, participants had the opportunity to present their ideas in a supportive environment, receiving feedback from both their peers and Professor Godfrey. This inclusive platform empowered attendees to showcase their progress and gain valuable insights, regardless of their research stage.

The workshop provided attendees with a deeper understanding of theory construction and valuable insights into the publication process. By fostering collaboration and providing a platform for idea sharing and feedback, the workshop equipped participants with enhanced skills and a network of scholars dedicated to advancing their research through theory building.

CEES' commitment to research excellence and collaboration was evident through the organization of this workshop by Professor Diane Holt. By hosting events of this nature, the university demonstrates its dedication to providing scholars with opportunities to enhance their research skills. This workshop was a great experience for senior academics and PhD students alike to excel through active engagement, collaboration, and presentation, participants gained valuable insights and skills. The workshop exemplified CEES' commitment to research excellence and the pursuit of knowledge. CEES would like to thank Professor Paul Godfrey for running the workshop,  Professor Diane Holt for organising the event, and Demi Paxton for organisation and administrative support.