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We are changing...



You may have noticed some small, but significant, changes to the Leeds Enterprise Centre (or 'LEC') lately?

The black has changed to white, the sparkler has burnt out, subtle splashes of colour have started to appear and, most importantly, we have a new name! The Leeds Enterprise Centre is now the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies.

Leeds Enterprise Centre has continued to grow rapidly over the past few years; in staff, activity, and awareness. As a result of this growth and an increased focus on Enterprise in general, we aim to make the Enterprise Centre more recognised as ‘the focal point of enterprise education and research’, extending our reach further and improving students’ access to resources and expertise. Changing to the new title of the Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies better defines what we do as a centre across campus, nationally and internationally.

With the change in name, also comes a new visual identity. We've used the black and orange colour pallet with sparkler ident for several years and, we felt, needed a refresh: one that is fitting to our work, activities and experiences. One that is current, will attract and engage our audiences, and reflect our values and personality.

We will be rolling out the new visual identity across all our materials and platforms over the next few weeks ahead of the new term, we hope you like it!