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Claire Morley-Jones

MD of HR180

Claire Morley-Jones is MD of Leeds-based HR180, an established, unique and successful Human Resources outsourcing and consultancy company. Totally focused on client delivery, Claire has steadily built a strong business over the last 10-plus years starting with just 3 clients and £2000.

HR180 has grown every year, with exceptional client retention - almost 1/3 of all clients have been with HR180 for over 5 years. Claire’s strategies for substantial business growth include value-added services and using innovative marketing to reach clients we’d love to work with across the UK and beyond.

Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Nah - it’s not all work! The ethos at HR180 is to be fun and approachable which is an unusual business methodology in the HR Outsourcing world - it works well for Claire, her clients and the team at HR180!

Claire doesn’t do things by half – literally or figuratively! A force of nature, she may also be related to Noah as she has two of everything (except husbands) –  twins, a brace of dogs which are part of the office team and two ovens where she is known to craft delicious goodies for the HR180 team, clients and visitors too!

Claire’s experience and big heart extends to supporting many good causes including helping homeless women, mentoring young people getting their first foot on the business ladder, sponsoring all-women team Yorkshire Rows and galvanising local business (via cake!) to raise over 5 times our target to buy playroom equipment for our local Heart Ward.