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Enterprise By Example


UOL4514_Enterprising by example

Why Embed Enterprise Education into your Curriculum?

The UK government has been exploring ways to enhance young people’s employability skills that will see Enterprise Education embedded within the FE curriculum.

Free Resources to Support Enterprise Education in your Curriculum

The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies have developed a free online resource for FE Schools & Colleges for any FE student to learn how to start a business and essential employability skills. This course is designed to support teaching these skills in an engaging and interactive way using videos, voting and quizes for teachers/students to interact with real-world issues & receive expert advice.

Participants will experience the business start-up process through the eyes of our enterprising students and graduates. Each step of the entrepreneurial process will be explored with a critical incident case centred on a real business challenge faced by an entrepreneur.

Participants are given underlying principles by CEES academics then briefed by the entrepreneur, supported by experienced entrepreneurs.

The main activities of the course are:

  • Activity 1 - Vision and Opportunity: Nurturing creativity and innovation.
  • Activity 2 - People: Leading teams and networks
  • Activity 3 - Markets: Understanding customers and competitors
  • Activity 4 - Processes: Controlling operations and technologies
  • Activity 5 - Accounts: Interpreting financial performance
  • Activity 6 - Finances: Raising capital for new ventures